Riner Family

Married in August of 2002, we began our life together to take over the world. So far we’ve done pretty good. We’ve served in a few different churches and have seen a lot of people come to Christ as well as many marriages reconciled though our ministry. We have a son named Levi, who is now 5 years old and a dog, Maverick.

Carrie likes to take pictures and you can enjoy her hobby by visiting “Carrie the Moments Photography“. She also supports causes with her photography work like the Hope Pregnancy Center and Battling BARE Inc. She also enjoys reading and spending time with family.

Kevin is the pastor of Village Church in Cornersville, TN. He wrote Faith Debugged and blogs at KevinRiner.com.He is pursuing a degree at Grace College of Divinity. He enjoys hiking, watching baseball, reading, homesteading, and spending time with family.

Levi likes to play with trucks, trains, airplanes and anything that creates music.  He is happy kid and enjoys making everyone who meets him smile. He loves his momma more than anyone.

Maverick likes to eat, sleep, and chase balls when you throw ’em.


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