14 years… and counting!

IMG_6590One could write books full of words that can express the depth and breadth of love for another. I couldn’t begin to describe the feelings I have for Carrie nor would I think she could for her feelings toward me. Yes I do assume but I think I am at liberty to do so.

Today, we celebrate fourteen years of being married to one another (and seventeen years knowing one another). There have been some serious ups and some serious downs. We have gone through quite a bit in our limited marital experience.

We aspire to be married, holding hands on the porch swing when our great-grand kids come over. They will ask how we ever made it so long without divorcing in such a twisted upside down world  which I expect to be the norm by that day. We will hope to answer with two answers.

  1. Divorce was and is never an option
  2. Grace and forgiveness

We met on a church youth group meeting. Fell in love. Pursued one another under the skepticism of her parents and our church leadership. I asked her father for her hand in marriage blacking out afterwards. We married in her front yard with my best friend officiating. Honeymooned on a cruise in the Caribbean. Learned one another for eight years. Brought Levi into this world. Our marriage in a nutshell.

For our fourteenth, we decided to go see Cirque Du Soleil and spend some quality time together. We went to downtown Nashville and walked Broadway and boy has it changed. That place has gotten crazy and not in a good way. Drunks and crowdedness consume the joy. It smells bad and the way some people act when they know what happens there will stay there is inconceivable.

In any case, we enjoyed spending time with one another and watching the craziness ensue. Time, I believe, is far greater than any material item that can be given. Although she did give me a hamburger patty maker and I gave her a bottle of wine. Hey, it’s the small stuff.

Nobody really gave us a chance and here we are. Here’s to fourteen and many more.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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