Corn Out Our Ears

The garden is in full swing. However the rain or lack thereof has caused a damper on it. We have offset our planting rows of corn so that different rows will be coming in at different times. The first couple of rows have given us plenty of corn but mostly lacking in health. We had quite a dry spell in May and June. We tried watering but to no avail. Most of the corn we have received on this picking are small and the kernels are white with a little yellow coloring. We attempted to eat a few ears the other night but they hardly had any taste with the exception of the butter, salt and pepper we gently applied.

We culled out most of the useless immature ears. We kept those that gave any inkling that they may have a taste. We have four more rows coming in so hopefully we’ll get a better picking. The rains have surely picked up and in the last week we have gotten roughly 4 inches of rain. That’s not counting the water we poured on it from the pond.

We are doing our best to learn gardening. Some of the lessons have been quite beneficial and some of them have been disheartening. It sure makes you trust in the providence of God and His ability to give abundantly or His decision to hold back. Either case, He is worthy of worship and it is in Him we trust for our sustainability.



About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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