Cold Walk On The Farm


The snow/ice came in relentless overnight. We woke at 5:30 both checking our phones to see what the driving conditions were; Carrie for work in Franklin and I for school. I quickly checked Twitter and found that schools were closed through out the whole middle Tennessee area. There was no traveling today, especially on our quaint backroad. We snuggle back in to the blankets to let our minds wander back to a restful but momentary slumber.

Carrie has the advantage of working from home when favorable conditions arise. I on the other hand am a teacher. So I get the advantage of being with “a” kid rather than a few kids at home. This kid is my favorite to work with. However, being cramped up in the house over a few days can be wearisome.

As soon as the ice began to dissolve, I decided to take a walk around the farm, smoke my pipe, enjoy the fresh air, spend time with the dog, communicate with God, and appreciate His favor on our life and where he has us. There is something to be said about the simplicity of farm life. Sure it can be a lot of work but it can also be a lot of joy in the peace and quietness of the countryside.

Maverick and creek

I like to hike. But this wasn’t a hike. It was a pleasure walk. A momentary freeze in life if you will. I first walked down the creek and enjoyed the rush of the ice/snow melting filling the creek’s banks with runoff. I then enjoyed the sparkling view of the snow as it glistened over fallen trees, fields and rocks. Afterwards, I climbed the hillside and gazed over the rolling hills that sparkled in the sunlight. I talked with God and petted the dog. I made my way down toward the pond and vaulted a few large rocks in the frozen pond enjoying the kerplunk as they broke through the ice and imitating a small geyser shooting pond-water from it’s small opening.  Water Fall

I then walked down to the barn where I was greeted by a duck parade. They always enjoy a helping of corn so I obliged and fed them a handful. I stood over them watching as they scooped up a corn shell in their beak and shook their head to swallow down the yummy golden morsel. They make a whirley whistle in appreciation. I tossed out the burnt tobacco from my pipe, shove the pipe and my hands in my pocket, inform Maverick that a cup of coffee and a good book is waiting for me in the warm kitchen. Maybe Levi and Carrie have woken from their midday nap.


Glistening Fireplace

Berries I

Berries II

Maverick Hilltop II



About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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