Cucumbers not so much. Pickles, oh yeah!

Now that the garden is beginning to come, we about have cucumbers coming out of our ears. I figured it was time I start learning how to can some of this stuff so on Saturday my mom and I laid out all the necessary items to begin making 14-day sweet pickle. We love sweet pickle especially my mom’s. But this year she didn’t touch a thing. At least in the beginning. Following the recipe and her guidance, I washed, cut up and threw the cucumbers into the crock jar. Two gallons of pickle now waiting and soaking.

We left this at her house as there are certain days during this 14 day recipe that you have to do something special to it and we are going on vacation next week so to make it easier on her to attend to, it’s all hers next week. After the 14 days are up we will can them and they will be ready to chow down on. Then, because we have so many cucumbers I will make another batch of 14 day sweet pickle at my house and I will do that batch all by myself. Let’s see if I can master this recipe to taste like hers. Maybe you will get some for Christmas! Oh how they taste so good.

2015-07-11 11.21.59

2015-07-11 11.21.41

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