Oh boy, Levi’s all boy

As most of you know by now, because I’m slow at blogging, that Levi fractured his radius. On Thursday July 2 his preschool teacher texted me to let me know he feel off the couch and hurt his wrist but she didn’t think it was broken. He calmed down after a little TLC from her. When I got home we continue to ice and I wrapped in an ACE bandage. We didn’t get much sleep that night. I guess he just couldn’t get comfortable from the pain. 

Friday I was off for July 4th, so when we got up I checked it out and it still looked a little puffy and a little bruised. After I unwrapped it to let him rest without a bandage he immediately began complaining about it hurting. Something in me said to just go have him x-rayed just to make sure. It being a holiday his pediatrician was closed, so I ended up taking him to the walk in clinic who I knew had an x-ray machine. 

At this point, he didn’t really complain about the pain unless it wasn’t wrapped. They took an x-ray and the preliminary read came back as clear. They said to continue to ice and wrap like I had been doing the next 48 hours. Got it. 

Well Saturday came along and he continued to complain of discomfort any time he would use his hand without the wrap. I figured we’d just give it a few days to allow it to heal. On Sunday afternoon while over at my mom’s working in the garden, the walk in clinic called me to bring him back in because they received the final x-ray read and it was actually fractured. 

Running home to change clothes I took him back up there to get a temporary splint until we could get him in to see ortho. So, on Tuesday afternoon we went to see ortho where he received a cast for four weeks. He enjoyed all the attention and the doctor and nurses teasing him about chasing a girl. The doctor could tell this wasn’t going to slow him down any and it hasn’t. 

He really hasn’t complained about it much at all and only complained about the itching a few times in the evenings. It sure hasn’t stopped him from being all boy and I sometimes wonder if he even realizes it’s on his arm. I was hoping we would get it off before school starts but we aren’t. We will get it off that week but he will probably go a few days with it. Hopefully we can go the rest of the year with no accidents. 

When he first fell off the bleachers back in the spring, I wanted to put him in a bubble, freaked me out every time he did anything. After the broken arm I’ve come to realize that he is all boy and these things are going to happen. I can handle broken bones and cuts. What I can’t handle is head injuries and troubled breathing. So hopefully if we have any more injuries and I’m sure we will, it will be the former instead of the latter.

2015-07-05 16.26.38

Levi getting his temporary cast

2015-07-07 15.18.46

Levi was saying he “knew what the problem was”

2015-07-07 15.26.31

Levi picking out his color, black.

2015-07-07 15.31.41

Putting the cast on.

2015-07-07 15.32.02

He is just like me with this stuff….all up in it and loving it.

2015-07-07 15.36.012015-07-07 15.39.05

He was pretty exciting.

2015-07-07 15.39.162015-07-07 15.39.18

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