Well… Problems

We’ve been in our grandparents house for seven months now. We have finished a lot of projects and gotten ourselves about at comfortable as we can get. Learning how to do things around the farm and house have been a learning experience but one I wouldn’t trade for anything else. It truly has been a joy to move in and continue life that was started here many, many years ago.

I’ll share with you, the reader, some things we’ve been doing but today’s post, I wanted to share a recent issue we had with our water system. About a two weeks ago, while sitting outside in the swing in the backyard with family, we noticed the water pump in the pump house cutting on more often than it should. We didn’t pay it too much attention but just kept an eye on it to see if it would stop. It didn’t.

We began to look into it and see what would be causing to run more often than it should. We still had water pressure which was a good thing. Two days ago,  I (Kevin), listened to it run and heard water still moving in the pipe when the pump shut off. The gauge on the pump regulator would drop to zero when the pump shut off as well. This was all rather strange.

I turned off the water going to all sources; the house, the barn, and the shop. The pump continued to work improperly. This let me know that the leak had to be either in the ground between the pump and the well or the foot valve in the well had gone bad.

My Father-In-Law and I did some research on the internet. I went to the local hardware store to get their thoughts as well. We all agreed it had to be either in the ground between the pump house and the well or in the well itself. We turned the power to the pump off and took the gauge off the regulator. All it did was blow air and a little water. We decided that it must have been getting air in the gauge making it work improperly. Again we agreed where the trouble may be so our next step was check the foot valve before we dug up the ground.

The unique thing about our well is we have a large rock over top to keep anything from falling in so we had to break our concrete seal and take it off with the tractor.

Once we removed the rock we put a ladder down in the well and discussed who would go down to cut the lines to pull the foot valve out.

I volunteered to climb down in the well for numerous reasons; we live there, I needed to overcome my fear and it looked fun. I’ve never been in a well before. I stepped over the side while everybody stood around cracking jokes, climbed down the ladder and proceeded to cut the water lines to pull the foot valve out for inspection.

You’ll never believe, in Farmville, Tennessee, what was causing our foot valve to work improperly.

You are correct. That is a crawfish. Who would have thunk two weeks ago that our water pump would keep running because the screen went bad on the foot valve allowing a crawfish to get suck up into it?

We pulled the crawfish out, checked the foot valve for damage and decided to put it back together. We borrowed water from our neighbor to prime the pump and it was back together in no time. The pump began working properly and everything in the world is right again… For the moment.

What a day and learning experience.



About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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