A new beginning begins….

I was looking back at the very beginning of this blog. When we began this blog it was all about moving to Clarksville. Reading back through some of the posts like In the beginning” one can only see the hand of God at work. Now that we are beginning another new chapter in going back to what we left it will be another new beginning for our family. Different home, different county, a child, stronger marriage, stronger faith and great hopes of God using us to bring life to those around us.

So this new adventure was planted in our hearts months and months ago. We’ve pondered, prayed and let is set for months. We’ve toiled and wrestled with God on the decision knowing that this decision would impact so many positively and negatively. Over the last few months of praying about this decision God has opened doors and closed doors just like “In the beginning” of moving here He did the same thing. When we first began toiling it over with each other, our initial reason we new couldn’t be for selfish reasons. We knew deep in our hearts, I believe, was to start a missional community. We know we have to put our feet and faith to work. Kevin talks more here about what that looks like. But we also knew in order to do this, we both needed work, we needed somewhere to stay. So we prayed.

During that time, my job announced they were moving our office to Gallatin. What fun, right? Spending 3 hours a day 5 days a week on the road with a total of 12 hours being gone from my family was not what I had planned, but it is what God called me to do to financially keep our family afloat so Kevin can do ministry as well as provide insurance for all of us. But during that announcement little did I know that I would somehow impress those there and show them interest in a possible position in Franklin if the opportunity arose. Over the coming weeks, emails were exchanged along with one phone interview. The job position with our software support team was offered to me that I just could not turn down. It was the open door for us to move that we were waiting for knowing that there was not work for us there to sustain us in the matter that we needed. Knowing that I was going to have to drive to Franklin for short period of time was not what I had in mind when we first began toiling this over. But God’s plans are bigger than we ever have to imagine and His timing is perfect.

So, with that said, our house has been on the market a few weeks now.


We have some work to do on my Grandmother’s house which will also take a few weeks/months even. Photos to come of that process in a few weeks once we get down there for a few days to begin some work. My parent’s, mostly my mom since my dad is laid up with a broken foot, is doing a lot of work when she can to clean out the house and prepare for a large yard sale. We will be on the family farm there in what we call and everyone knows as Blue Creek. There is no post office box, but you can find it on a map I promise. It will be nice to have free babysitting whenever I want or need finally. Be nice to be on land to grow gardens and lots of my Grandmother’s flowers need my tender lovin’ care, I hope I have inherited hers. We have a lot of work to do.

2014-08-04 19.02.52

I began my new position today in Franklin. I love it! It’s a lot different than what I’m use to but I was ready for the change. The possibilities and opportunities are immeasurable. I’m so excited! So, with that said, please pray that everything falls into place as God so chooses, that our anxiousness doesn’t overwhelm us or get in the way of the vision we have of why we are heading back south and that our patience doesn’t wear thin waiting on Him to make everything fall into place at just the right time. That I can read back at the beginning of this blog and see and know that it will as it always does……


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