Chuck E. Cheese, Tools and Hugs

Three different conversations I had with Levi on the way home today.

1. Chuck E. Cheese

Levi: Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow night?

Me: How do you know what Chuck E . Cheese is? You’ve only been there a couple of times and you’re only three years old?

Levi: I saw it on TV.

2. Tools

After seeing our neighbor’s car on jacks with the tires off.

Levi: Daddy, I can’t help him with his tires. (He think for a minute with his hand to his chin) Yes I can. Yes WE can. We can fix his tire with my tools and your tools. (he has a plastic set of tools in his room. He’s so encouraging because it was like he can’t do it himself but with help, he can do the impossible. I love it.)

3. Hugs

Me: If I give you M&Ms, what will you give me?

Levi: What does Daddy want?

Me: I like Levi hugs. (after giving me a hug) I like Levi hugs.

Levi:  I like daddy hugs… and Mommy hugs… and Mimi hugs… and Maverick hugs. Yeah, I like Daddy hugs.


It’s such a joy being a father.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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