A Blessed 32

Six months ago I was beginning to fall into a mid life crisis, slowing realizing that 32 was upon me. 30 didn’t bother me, 31 didn’t bother me, but now the thought of 32, bothers me. Not sure why, 32 use to sound young and I still feel young, most days any way. But it’s a little closer to 50 and a lot closer to 40. Let’s just stay I’m not getting any younger, so this year I’m 23. I have to say though this birthday has been the best birthday ever, at least that I can remember and growing up I didn’t have that many birthdays because as you well know from this year it was either always snowing, icing or down right too cold to do anything fun and if it was close to being somewhat pretty outside parents were usually to afraid to have sleepovers due to impending weather conditions that might come upon us. And who wants to be stuck inside with a bunch of kids that aren’t their own? 32 years ago it was cold and a few inches of snow on the ground if I remember correctly of how the story goes, so this year was almost pretty close minus the snow.

You could say I celebrated my birthday week beginning with a wonderful, amazing and much needed weekend get away at The Inn at Evans Mill in Smithville, Tn with my wonderful husband hiking, sleeping, eating some awesome food, and watching movies to a busy day at work today. I woke up to birthday text already on my phone, Happy Birthday note on my phone before I ever checked my texts that Kevin sneaked in while I was in the shower. My wonderful Daddy called me at work first thing. My wonderful co-worker Erica had a donut and balloons on my desk when I got to work. I couldn’t have asked for 2 more beautiful ladies to look across at all day on my birthday than the two I work with every day either. But I think the top 2 things that were the best about my birthday was Kevin randomly posting Happy Birthday songs on my facebook page ALL  day and night, some rather creepy, some rather disturbing and some just plan funny.  Along with all the Happy Birthday posts and a few texts throughout the day, some from people I rarely talk to anymore, but they still remembered! My awesome friend, Tonya, in Ohio topped it off by being the first to sing to me via voicemail on my phone. Touched my heart I cried like a baby on the way home. Because that’s what awesome friends do, they sing songs to each other on voicemails and make each other cry, right?! No? Well we do cause she’s my person (you Grey’s Anatomy fans will appreciate that one). But the best part I think is just coming home to my two boys who’d I’d rather spend my birthday with any way.

And this weekend…I will get my authentic Mexican $.99 tacos, cheese dip and maybe an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for myself (before starting the juicing diet next week) in which I craved all day. Then we will finish it all off next week while finally celebrating at work and hopefully the weekend with some girlfriends  who I miss like crazy and some drinks!

So, I really couldn’t ask for a better birthday (unless it was somewhere warm with my toes in the sand and a margarita in my hand-maybe that will be next year). Here’s to another awesome year!

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