Columbus Day = Father/Son Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day. Since Levi’s babysitter doesn’t work on ANY national holidays, it gave me some time to spend with Levi. So I took him to the park to do some hiking and play on the playground. Of course we had a blast and it wouldn’t be a day on the playground without him getting hurt. However, he got hurt sitting at the picnic table eating goldfish. He fell off the seat and bumped his head on the concrete. It hurt pretty bad but he got over it quick and was back to playing before too long.

We parked a bit away from the playground and hiked through the trails to get there and he was such a trooper. He enjoyed it. He said to me he had to go pee and walked over to a tree and looked at me. He’s learning the privilege of being a boy; the ability to easily pee in the woods. We found some big rocks and tree stumps to jump off of. We’d walk a little further and he kept saying we were lost and I had to assure him I knew exactly where we were at. I’ve hiked them trails enough. Once a car passed by and we could see it through the trees and he said that we were hiding from the car and the car couldn’t see our hiding spot. Such an imagination.

I love to hear him think out loud, to see how far he’s come along on speaking what’s on his mind. I’m sure I’ll regret that as he gets older but to be able to fully communicate with my son is amazing. By the time we left, he was tiring quickly. It wasn’t long before lights were out. He went straight to nap when we got home. We enjoyed our day at the park.

Levi at Rotary Park

Woody had to come along with us.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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