Cats R Us

I like cats. I really do. But I really hate them when they don’t know how to behave. A while back, we had some cats born under our house and eventually I got them out. They grew up a little and now one of them thinks that its home is underneath our house. We would hear them at night bumping around under there and tearing up the insulation. After a few nights of hearing him, I decided to close the vent and put some bricks in front to deter him. The next morning, he had pushed the bricks over and opened the vent and got in.

That night I woke about 1:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep for all the racket it were making. I didn’t have much work to do the next day so I decided to get up and put some clothes on, grab my pellet gun and go under the house. Yes, I was gonna shoot that sucker.

I believe it ran out just as I was going under. I laid under there for an hour waiting and it never made another sound. I turned my head lamp on to see if I might see anything and sure enough I saw him peaking in through the vent. Those beady eyes made me so furious, I took a  shot at him. I missed.

The next day I decided to try a half hearted attempt at boarding up the vent I found him entering through. That night, he decided to enter through the two other vents. He would literally push the vent open, tear the screen out and get in. So I boarded those up. That night, he came back and there was one vent even I had trouble enough opening. He didn’t. He opened it, pulled the screen out and under he went. I had had enough.

I boarded that vent up, called animal control and they came out and put a trap by one of the vents with some cat food. The next night, he tore down my board and entered in. He never fell for the trap with food.

The next day, Carrie mentioned putting some tuna in the trap so I agreed and did so. It was Friday night. I didn’t hear anything all night so I decided to check the trap the next morning and sure enough, I caught myself a marlin. Well, not really but he’s a  monster of a cat in attitude that is.

I called Animal Control that Saturday morning and they told me that I should have disengaged the trap because they don’t work on weekends. I asked them what I was supposed to do for two days with a cat in this cage. They said I could take him down there but I didn’t have time. I had family coming up plus a book signing at Hastings. So I left him in the cage for two days feeding him more tuna and water.

He is a feisty little dude but I’m glad to have him out from under my house. It’s amazing how much hate I had for him yet grace I had for him when he was caught. I kept him alive and even talked to him occasionally. But he’s too feral to even try bothering domesticating. So off to the Animal Control today!

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About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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3 Responses to Cats R Us

  1. chibiokasan says:

    Thank you for not killing him…although animal control may euthanize him…..

  2. Vickie Riner says:

    you have the patience of are all the other kitties

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