Remodeled Foyer

I started redecorating our foyer the week of New Years thinking that since I had 5 days off I could knock it out pretty quick in such a small room. How wrong I was! I finally finished almost 2 weeks later. It was more work doing the Venetian Plaster than I thought it would be but I decided when I walked out of Lowe’s that day with that bucket of paint that I was up for the challenge all on my own. When I first saw this photo…


on Pinterest one day I fell in love with the color scheme. Though I was skeptical of what it would look like in my tiny foyer I was really ready for the change of something a little different. I wanted it to feel homey and welcoming when people first walk into our home.

So here is what I started with….

Wall paper was removed actually about 6 months ago. Yes, it has taken me that long to save up money, decide on what I really wanted to do, then set my mind on doing it. Venetian Plaster is a job. You add it to the wall with a spatula making different designs as you go. You can add up to 4 coats of paint though I only did 2 to achieve the look I wanted. Then you sand with 600 grit sandpaper then you “burn” it by using the metal spatula to create the shine of marble. The first wall I was excited and anxious. By the second wall I was anxious to just get it done as well as my shoulders were beginning to kill me. You aren’t pressing down hard enough to actually make yourself sore but it’s the circular motion that makes your arms so tired. I could paint the Ventian Plaster all day if it wasn’t for the sanding and “burning” part at the end of it all.

foyer collage

After 2 coats of paint on 2 big walls and around 2 doors, painting the trim 4 times that was originally stained wood this is the finished project. A little help from Kevin with some extra swipes to get a little more shine because my shoulders just couldn’t do any more and a little help from my dad to replace the off white switches and plate for the lights I am absolutely proud of myself. I did all but those last touches all on my own.  If you look closely you can see the reflection of the doors in the walls-that’s how shiny-marble-like it is.

Foyer Finished

Though this project was a lot of work, wore out my shoulders and took me a little longer than I wanted to I’m well pleased and very proud. I would love to do one of my walls in my living room like this just to make it flow. I will probably talk myself into it too. It was fun and rewarding in the end. With a touch of a few more photos on the empty wall, one or two welcoming signs above the doors, and a new rug sooner or later, it will be the perfect foyer to welcome friends into our home.

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