Elf on a Riner Shelf

I know a few of you who are already doing this and I see ideas on Pinterest all the time but I came up with this idea on my own a few years ago just never got the urge to actually do it until now.

Well, Kevin really hates this and it’s gonna be so much fun! My grannie would be proud! She gave me these elves years ago and as a kid I remember her sitting them in her very large window in the living room. In remembrance of her this year starting December 1 I will be putting an elf on the shelf-mostly to drive Kevin crazy because he really hates the elves. I love them though because they bring back so many memories. I have 4 and if one even comes up missing Kevin is literally in the dog house and guess what there is a new heat lamp in there so he will stay plenty warm on cold nights.

This is going to me similar to Kevin’s 31 days of I love you’s only to say the least Kevin, again, hates the elves. I’m determined to make him smile, laugh, and adore them by Christmas! You just wait!!!

So, come join us, in the fun family game I’m going to treat my family (mostly annoying Kevin to say the lease) to during December! Enjoy it with us-hopefully as much as Kevin does. This might be really good sometimes.

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