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Kevin says…

I think every person that reads out family blog knows the we are Christian family. That’s not to put labels on what different families are. It’s simply to understand what our family values. We value a God who is graceful and merciful toward his creation. We value a life that leads us to being found above reproach. We value the promises from a God who never fails. We value the hope that we have in a returning and redeeming Savior. We value Jesus.

God’s word tells me as the husband of my wife and the father of my child that I am the pastor of my family. The same goes to each husband and father out there. We are the pastors of our family. What does that mean. Well, what do pastors do. Pastor is another word for shepherd. What do shepherds do. The “tend” to the flock. So in terms it means as a pastor we tend our flock (family). It means we lead them to greener pastures. It means we beat off the enemy when they attack the flock. It means we watch them carefully and know them and they know us. It means when one runs off, we go find it and bring it back. It means when one is sick, we care for it. It means we put the flock before ourselves.

I’ll admit, I’m not the best pastor. My family might say I am but I would bet they would just be patronizing me. I know I can do better and if you’re a husband you can too. We all can.

But saying I want to be better doesn’t make me better. I have to make an effort. One that would take action but I’m afraid of failure. Too many times I’ve tried to be a better husband only to fail at following through weeks later.  I’ve made efforts only to discredit my genuiness after not following through. It’s not that I’m genuine in my desire. I am. I’m just not a good one to continue fighting for my family. I get content in what is instead of what it can be. Granted I have made some strides but still there are places where I have fallen through the cracks at being my family’s pastor. And I thought I could be a church pastor. I’m glad my church understands what grace is all about.

I need it…

…from them. From my family. From my friends. From God!

I think that I receive grace, an unfair amount of it pouring in and running over. The kind of grace that makes you say “Hmmm.” (Sorry I went there.)

Husbands, you and I have to start making a valiant effort. (Valiant – courage and boldness)

I don’t have answers for myself. I only have questions. I have assessments. I have a wall of prayers that need to be answered. All I know is I want the spirit to fight harder for my family; for my wife’s future and my son’s future. I want them to have the best husband and daddy EVER! The only way to do this is to make our family less of me and more of God; for me to decrease and for Him to increase.

Let’s be real. I hope that I’m not being emotional. I hope that this is a sincere clarity of the revelation of calling on my life. Will it be better tomorrow? NO! But will it start getting better tomorrow. YES! At least it will in the inner confines of my heart. Hopefully, the heat from it will boil my action bone to make something happen. That real change will make itself known.



About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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