Walking with Levi

Today when I (Kevin) picked Levi up at the sitter’s I took him to the Clarksville Greenway. We went there a year ago when he was just old enough to walk. At the parking lot it goes two different ways and I’ve been left both times where there a large walk bridge over a ravine. It’s not the greatest sight-seeing place but it’s a decent walk for sure.

Levi was just over one year old

Today, I decided to go right. I had never been that way and wanted to see what was down that way. As we walked we would walk past folks and Levi would say hi. Of course he had to bring a smile to every person we passed. They would always return a hello and laugh at his cuteness.

We talked to one guy who asked us had we been down that way and I told him no. He said there are two large hills and was curious if I was going to take Levi up them. I told him we were only going a mile and would turn around. He said we would at least conquer one hill.

Sure enough we got to one hill and it was a steep drop. So I took off running backwards a while Levi ran towards me and I let him catch up with me so he would face plant in the concrete. I picked him up and swirled him around and around and we just had the biggest laugh. It was awesome.

We saw squirrels and chipmunks along the way and stopped for some beautiful viewing up the scenery. He picked up some nuts and tried to feed the squirrels. There is a creek that runs about forty feet below the bank on one side of the trail. I asked Levi what that was and he said wawa. That’s his way of saying water.

We met some dogs too and Levi wanted to pet them but they were big enough for him to ride so I wasn’t about to let him. We made it a mile down and stopped by a swing to sit on and swing for a few minutes before heading back to the truck.

This conversation really happened.

Levi: Daddy? Bowl.
Me: you want your bowl?
Levi: yea! M.
Me: you want your M&Ms?
Levi: yeah
Me: well we have to go home for that. I don’t have any M&Ms

He got down from the swing and said…
Levi: I’m down. Go home. Daddy? Down! Lets go home.

So I stood up and waited for him to make a move. I wanted to know if he would actually go back the way we came or keep going the way we were going. Sure enough, he started back the way we came. He must’ve really wanted some M&Ms.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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