Small Town Festivals

Last week we went for our third time to the Ham Festival in Cadiz Ky. Coming from the country, I love small town festivals. They’re all the same yet they are different in their own right. Where I’m from there are three:

Booths line up on the streets selling everything from shirts and hats to crazy trinkets with the festival emblem on them. Fried pies and fried oreos, funnel cakes, gyros, blooming onions, turkey legs, philly cheese steaks, corn on the cob, fried mushrooms, cotton candy, you name it, it’s there to eat.

Live music from the local high school marching bands, to young garage bands, to the (depending on the festival) latest hottest talent typically in country music and sometimes washed-up country music stars still trying to make a living when their last hit was more than twenty years ago.

You can’t go without running into EVERYONE you know. It’s impossible. The street may take you twenty minutes to walk down on a normal day but two hours to get from one side to the other just because you run into friends and family and folks you graduated with twenty years ago. It’s a Wal-Mart Festival. I love it.

When we moved to Clarksville, we found out about two unique festivals on the opposite sides of town. The Ham Festival in Cadiz, KY (North) and the Irish Festival in Erin, TN (South). They’re both so much fun and not being from here, we rarely run into anyone we know so we don’t learn the latest gossip of the town. We get to enjoy the festival.

What I love about the Ham Festival is it’s on the main street of Cadiz and they boast in their abundance of antique shops. So after perusing through the booths and festivities, we hop into the antique store and take a moment back in time. Cadiz also has these pigs around town. EVERYWHERE. So Levi had to ride a few. We ate some BBQ nachos on the cheap. I walked up to a BBQ stand and asked them if they made the nachos and they said for us they would, just $2. Most places sell BBQ nachos for $7 so Carrie and I ate for $8; two BBQ nachos and two drinks. Levi settled for a pop tart.

I gotta say, I love small town festivals.




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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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