The 31 Days Is Over But My Love Continues. Thoughts On Saying I Love You 31 Days In A Row

Maybe you were wondering about my thoughts after I made it through 31 days of finding 31 ways to tell my wife that I loved her. Let me first say I didn’t know the task I was taking on when I started. I thought it was a great thing but I didn’t count the cost nor did consider how stressful it would’ve gotten. I just thought it was a good idea so I started doing it.

After I got started the first few days were fairly easy. I was coming up with all kinds of stuff. Things that took seconds to pull off, other things that took elaborate planning and days of constructing. I found myself not taking the time to plan on some days and looking for easy things to do to get through the day so I could check off another day. There were also the days I couldn’t think of anything to do even though I had a list of plenty of stuff, it would be a day that those things on the list just wasn’t suffice for that day so I would just go throughout the day looking for an opportunity. Most of the time that strategy didn’t fail me.

So here are some thoughts that I had as I tackled such a feat as 31 Days To Find 31 Ways To Say I love you.

  • A lot of women seemed jealous their men are not as sweet!

Too many times to count did I get that vibe from a lot of women when they found out what I was doing. It was as if our whole marriage was summed up in the 31 days as if I do this every day ever since we’ve been married which has been for 10 years now. Trust me, I’m not that sweet all the time. There are plenty of times Carrie has wanted to knock my block off. Just not last month.

  •  Only women liked my posts. Either the men are jealous they’re not as smart or they’re upset I’m making them look bad or we have a huge epidemic of men not tangibly showing their love for their wives. 

I say that with tongue in cheek. When I would post the new blog post of what I did, women would “like” it. I never had one man like a single post on Facebook. Odd? I think not. I am joking about the guys being jealous or not as smart as I was but I did have a few guys express their irritation when their wives brought up what I was doing for my wife. Well, here’s a little advice guys… Do something like it to express how much you love your wife. You don’t have to do it all the time, but you probably need to do it more than you are. Remember, Luv Is A Verb!

  •  This is taking actual work. Meaning I have to DO something. 

Holy cow, I’m not joking!!!!! It took a lot of work. Work that I didn’t expect to do. I thought it would be easy but heck naw it wasn’t. Just like the next point, everyday I had to wake up and think about what I was gonna do for that day. I had to prepare, I had to plan, I had to strategize. Not only did I have to think about work and church and any other household chores, I had to think about how I was gonna tell my wife I loved her. Doesn’t sound that hard but try doing it for 31 days straight and in a different way each day not repeating yourself. Let me know how it works for ya!

  •  Everyday I’m forced to think about my wife. 

One of the benefits of doing this was everyday I had to think about my wife. I had no choice. When I woke up, I was forced to think about how I was gonna tell her I loved her. I’m not saying a day goes by I don’t think of her. I’m saying I had to be more intentional about it. She was constantly on my mind on the days I couldn’t think of something to do and I was looking for any opportunity that may have arisen.

  • You can plan all you want but when better ideas come up in the midst of engaging your plan, you must divert to better idea. 

Bottom line is you can plan all you want but sometimes God has better plans and you need to take advantage. I wrote a song for her but the weather got strangely warm and it rained causing our rose bushes to bloom. I had to take advantage of free flowers. The song could have waited. Always look out for better opportunities.

  • Living by faith allows you to do things you haven’t planned. Which makes living even more exciting.

Similar to the last point, when you live by faith you never know what may arise. This especially was the point on days I couldn’t find something to do. Like for instance, Carrie asked me to bring her coat to work. BAM! I can put a note in her pocket. She never expected that and I never could have planned it but it makes for more excitement (if you like that sort of thing) when you live by faith rather than having to live by a plan.

Sorry I waited so long to write this if you’ve been wondering. I took a couple of weeks off of blogging and rest my brain. So that’s why I’m just now getting to things I learned from my 31 Day campaign. We had an amazing ten-year anniversary. Like the living by faith point, we knew we were gonna go to Mammoth Cave but other than that, we had no clue about the details; where we were gonna sleep, eat, or anything we were gonna do. We just went. It was by far one of the best trips she and I have ever been on!



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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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