Yes he loves me-even after 10 years…

I will admit Kevin’s idea of 31 ways to say I Love You, has changed our marriage in many ways. It has changed me in how I see our marriage. I will be honest, when he began the first few days it was hard for me to believe it. Not believe that he was doing it or even going to attempt it. That feat I knew he could conquer with no difficulty. It was mostly the fact of believing that he actually loves me this much to say it in a different way every day with words and actions. Sometimes it’s hard to believe someone by just their words but when they back it up with actions to express it that touches your heart and changes your heart. So after a few days it finally set in that he really does love me for me.  And yes, even after 10 years I question this. We are human and we all have those days of doubt.  After 31 days though I know he loves me without a doubt. I found myself comparing his statements of love to Christ. We all have those occasional doubts of Christ loving us because of who we are. I mean, really, I don’t deserve His love. Just like I do not deserve Kevin’s. He knows who I am. He knows my ugliness; he knows my sin of sins yet still makes the decision to love me for me not based on what I have done for him or not done. Well, so does Christ and guess what they both still love me. This is sometimes hard to swallow knowing the person I can be sometimes and have been in the past.

Below are a few of my top 10 favorites and why.

Day 8: “I love you” on the bathroom mirror.

You remember, as a teenager you’d get those fuzzy woozy feelings with someone you just loved being around. Your legs would get all shaky and weak kneed with butterflies in your tummy. Well there are still times I get those with Kevin and this one gave me that moment. Even though I came across this one a day early it was really perfect timing. It was perfect. It was spontaneous.

Day 11: “I love you” by washing my feet.

This time made me cry. Kevin showing the servant he is called to be by washing my feet was humbling, touching, and heart changing.  It really showed me how he strives to be the Godly leader and role model for our family. Very touching in a sense because it’s hard to believe him being this way because so many husbands are not and I’m truly blessed to have him by my side leading me.

Day 14: “ I love you” rose from my garden

The most perfect one. Why? Because so simple. Because he noticed one small rose on my rose bush (and this is life altering because of the simple fact my thumb is not green to say the least) and he knows I love it when I see them blooming. It excites me because my flowers, especially roses are still alive and flourishing.  And he didn’t have to spend any money (which to me are the best because he put thought into it to be creative to not spend one cent).

Day 16: “I love you” in the garage

I was not expecting this one at all and it was another one of those moments I got weak kneed and butterflies in the belly. Not sure why. But when I raised that garage door pulling into the garage after a long hard day at work the last thing I thought about seeing was an “I love you” on the wall. It was the perfect moment to end a long hard day of work and the perfect moment to begin the perfect evening with my family. So now it still hangs right there where he put it and I think I will frame each page and leave it there so I can see it every day when I pull in the garage and begin yet again, a perfect evening with my family.

Day 25: “I love you” love letter

This one took me by surprised. I knew something was up when I sat down on the couch to check my mail before hitting the road bright and early for a long weekend of seminars and my lap top was already packed away in its little case. So when I opened it and found a long love letter I begin to cry before I ever started reading. I know it didn’t go as Kevin had planned of me getting it when I arrived in Cool Springs. It’s actually a good thing because I probably would have had to walk out due to the fact of crying like a little baby.

Day 29: “I love you” post it note

This was the third time Kevin gave me those weak knees and butterflies in my tummy. When I asked him to bring me my jacket to work because I forgot it and we keep the office semi cold the last thing I expected was to slide my hand in the pocket to find a sweet little love post it note with our little secret code.  I should have known he would take the opportunity.

Day 15: “I love you” in different languages on Facebook

This one was fun. When he first started it for the morning I didn’t catch on till a few into it. Then I thought it would be fun to attempt to say it back in the same language. I ended up having to Google it, which took me sometime. I didn’t get to do each one like I wanted because my day with patients began to get busy. But it was fun to see the different languages the came up with and in response to a few it was fun because they looked or sounded like something totally different.

Day 22: “I love you” in blocks

This one was so spontaneous an unexpected. I love those. And Levi liked it too. We sat on the bed for almost an hour playing with them after Daddy left for church. One of those special moments I’ll cherish forever.

Day 30: “I love you” CD

A cd of love songs…reminds you of high school don’t it.  For Kevin to take the time to put songs together that reminds him of me was really something. Each song I listened to intently because I didn’t want to just hear a song I wanted to hear each and every word as if Kevin himself was saying them to me. Some of them, well most of them made me cry.  There’s always something about a song that touches you deep to the soul when you know it’s meant for you from someone even though the writer didn’t really write it for you.  But I was a little disappointed though, he didn’t put our first love song that he sang to me on our wedding day on there. (I had you from hello, by Kenny Chesney.) Sorry babe…

Day 21: “I love you” with a song

My favorite because I love when Kevin sings to me mostly because he doesn’t do it a lot at least not as much as he use to.  This one brought back memories because he use to write me poems and love songs all the time. So this one means a lot knowing he sweated on this one a little trying to come up with those perfect lines just for me. Yet no matter what it would have been perfect even without the sweat.  It will be a song Levi will hopefully learn and play one day for me too. Who knows?

My ultimate most favorite-favorite-Day 31-he gave me a really big hug and said I love you no hesitation in the sound of his voice. Made my knees weak one more time.

I hope that everyone who has followed along has been encouraged in his or her own marriage. I hope they have seen and felt our love through this as well as seen the change in our marriage that I know I have seen and felt.

Marriage is hard. Love is a decision we have to make every morning upon waking. Marriage is full of grace each and every day. Marriage is full of sacrifice and humbleness.  No pointing fingers or blaming the other because we both are usually wrong. With all of that said it will make us stronger as one and with Christ’s strength and guidance we will make it another 10 years.

So here’s to another 10 wonderful years, baby. I love you and have cherished each and every moment.  Maybe at 20 we will be able to take that dream cruise to Alaska.

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One Response to Yes he loves me-even after 10 years…

  1. oceanpoet says:

    I love this, Carrie! So happy to catch up and see you are doing well. I miss you! Will look for you on Facebook.

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