Day 27 of 31 Days to Find 31 Ways to Say I Love You

Yesterday I went on the radio to declare my love for Carrie. My pastor has a radio show on WJZM here in Clarksville and occasionally I get to go on and talk about Jesus!!! That I love doing. But this visit was strictly to talk about my wife and our tenth anniversary. I told every one about how this 31 Days got started, mainly because I wanted to do something big because our Alaskan Cruise got shot down since I got fired last year.

So he allowed me to come on and I told Carrie I was going on to be listening. She said she had her computer dialed in but had it on mute since she had a client in her office. I declared my loved from the rooftops literally using a radio tower to all of Clarksville, or at least to those who were listening. Carrie was bummed that she didn’t hear it because she had it on mute. I told her no worries because every show is podcasted.


Something happened and Carlo was not able to record it so my love shout out got lost in the nether regions of the information highway. Lost in space somewhere.

She was bummed and asked for something else to show my love. How stingy! Sorry you and her will never get to hear the glory of my voice on the radio waves declaring my feelings of utmost love for my earthly companion.


I still love her though!

Day 27 – Love shout from the radio


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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