Levi is 2!

It’s hard to believe that Levi is 2 years old and that we have been in our home for 2 years to the exact day almost. Doesn’t seem like 2 years at all.

He is learning so fast and so much that it’s hard to keep up with all the new things I see that’s new every day. He knows about 1/4 of this alphabet now, a few of his numbers and colors. He still loves trains, Koko from Chuggington seems to be his favorite.

We celebrated his birthday in Cornersville this year because it’s hard for my grandparents to travel so we thought we’d bless them another year of celebrating with us by going there while we can and while they can see him. We were blessed all weekend with friends and family. Our family friend, and my photo buddy Jeff came in from East Tennessee to do some photos for us and he did a great job as always. We had family show up that was a complete surprise to see. All the cousins, young and old, chased each other around the house with water guns and soon, hose pipes. We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday as well as my Grandmother’s and my nephew’s. It was a celebration of a weekend with family.

My mom made him the cutest little Curious George shirt with his name on the back. Completely adorable. His birthday presents were wrapped in wrapping paper that had his name on it. A little advertisement for my mom: if you need shirts made or want some personalized gift wrap for anything let me know I’ll give you her number. Danielle Wakham made his birthday cake and cupcakes which was yummy delicious and gorgeous as all her work is.

Levi loves his bubble blower lawn mower and his Thomas the train are his two favorite birthday gifts so far with his tool box coming in a close third I believe tying it up with his Chuggington train set he got.

Thank you to everyone that came and or gave him something. Truly is a blessing.

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