Levi 23 months

I can not believe that in just one more month my little boy will be two years old. It’s going by too fast! And I want to slow it down! Especially right now because it’s so much fun and Levi is so entertaining. He has come up with all sorts of facial expressions on his own that he knows make us laugh. There is so much he has picked up on the last month I can not even begin to list. We are still on a train and monkey kick, hats galore oh and airplanes too. Which everything flies. Ha! He loves to take pictures and knows when to say “cheese”. We have 4 eye teeth coming in so snotty noses and a red butt we keep lately. Our appetite really hasn’t changed much. Still eating our favorites: gold fish, fish sticks, grilled cheese, bacon, apple sauce and bread.

The most recent of all that I’m so proud of…he usually calls every letter a T even T’s. But tonight we were looking at a stencil and I asked him where the T was. He didn’t hesitate and pointed right to it. Then I asked him where the E was and again with no hesitation right to the E. I was so amazed. My boy knows two letters!!! And he can now put his 1-10 monkey number puzzle together by himself. That’s actually a match up picture puzzle but the pieces are shaped funny and harder compared to the fish puzzle with no match up pictures on it that he loves. He knows most of his body parts now so we have started on harder and more detailed, so we will see how long those take. So my teaching days are coming back to me and I’m loving it! Gonna have to go through all my school stuff soon and start digging stuff out!

Next month for his birthday we decided since he really doesn’t understand what is going on just yet we will celebrate back home with family, which will make it much easier on those special grandparents who just can’t make the trip up here now. We will be using the theme Curious George and making it simple with cupcakes (a Curious George cake for Levi) and homemade ice cream! So, close family and friends who might want to see us, July 28th at 2pm at my mom’s! Would love to see everyone! And we will also be celebrating my Grandmother’s, my Dad’s and my nephew’s too (all birthday’s that same week). Hope to see you there!

Love our cowboy hat and stick horse

Just a swingin’…we love to swing

The fish puzzles he loves!!

This was one year ago almost exactly! He’s so tiny!

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