22 months, Oh my!

I have to say Levi is turning into such a little man. Usually I would give you a list of words we have learned this month but there are so many I can’t seem to keep count any more. He is beginning to put sentences together like “Thank you” and such manners when he says “please” that it is so adorable. He is beginning to learn facial expressions and emotions. Just this week we learned how to be pitiful. It’s so darn cute you can’t help but smile. He sure loves to make you laugh and smile and can do it with a blink of an eye. We have started the “mine” phase. It drives me crazy! This is a test of my patience for sure. And it’s not just the everything is “mine” we have started grabbing things from other children in the church nursery and saying “mine”. This too drives me more crazy than anything because I don’t want him to grow up to be the bully but they usually do not learn the concept of what “mine” and “sharing” really means until about 3-4 years old. But I’m determined we are going to learn it early or I’m going to go crazy. I’m trying to come up with my own theory on how to conquer this and win. This weekend he had hit my belly with a toy (playing) and it hurt. I made the pitiful face and acted like I was fixing to cry and he gently put his hand up to my face and rubbed my cheek with the cutest sympathetics expression on his face ever.

Every day seems to be something new. Levi acts like a grown little man sometimes that it amazes me at things he knows. He knows to put his empty cups in the sink, well tries none the less. He stands on his toes and pushes it up there but he does it sometimes without even being asked. He has a laundry basket of large blocks that sits next to his dresser with other toys sitting in front of it. When he wants to play with them he will walk over there to try to pick it up and grunt for me. I can pull them out to the  center of his bedroom floor but he makes it obvious he doesn’t want to play with them in there by trying to pick it up himself grunting just the same until I bring it to the living room. Where he then begins to stack them tall and wide scooting them all over the floor making siren and choo choo sounds for hours.

We love Curious George now. Our new favorite. He is beginning to pick up monkey sounds now from the show. I think we shall have a Curious George birthday party this year. Every time he sees a monkey he calls it “eh uh”. I can’t wait to take him to St. Louis in a couple of weeks to see the monkeys at the zoo. He is gonna love it!

As you can see in some of the below pictures Levi loves to play guitar with Daddy. Even dances and plays occasionally. We still love the drums or what Levi calls them “bop”.

We spent Memorial weekend visiting Kevin’s mom and dad and my parents, my brother’s family and my grandparents. Of course him and cousin Bonnie played for hours on end. They absolutely adore each other.

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