Levi is 21 months

Well, time seems to be flying around the Riner home. Just a few more months and our little Levi will be 2. I can’t believe it!

This month hasn’t been much difference. We are still learning words. Picking up on a lot of things. He now knows the color blue though sometimes he gets stuck on calling all the colors blue. We still love bubbles, cows, trains and trucks. Just this week he was putting together a puzzle, one of those that has the magnets on the fish that you are suppose to pull out with a small fishing pole. It has the pictures on the pieces but inside the puzzle there are only shapes no pictures to match up. I sat here and watched him place 3 different pieces in the correct holes with no guidance or trouble. Just popped them right in there with no assistance, just like he knew exactly where they went and how. Every day little stuff like that we are amazed at. He loves to ride his little rocking horse pony now. Still has trouble getting up on it without assistance but he can get down. He loves to play on the iPad where he has his own games and can surprisingly navigate by himself.

He would stay outside all day if we let him. Just wondering around playing with whatever, much like my nephew. Levi and Maverick get along so great. Maverick now will continue to lay the ball at Levi’s feet for him to throw it. I think he is use to it not going far and just enjoys someone actually playing with him for a change I think. He has made some little friends next door. In the evenings if we are outside they enjoy talking from their upstairs bedroom window. Though they have no idea what each other is saying they enjoy it for awhile. As I sit back and laugh at their dialog.

Unfortunately we seem to be going through a picky stage of eating in which some days I worry myself and probably shouldn’t. So you experienced moms out there who have had picky eaters please encourage me that this is only a phase. He usually only wants bread now. Occasionally he will eat some fish sticks or a grilled cheese sandwich, some fruit sometimes and he loves snacks: gold fish, graham bears, crackers of any kind. I just don’t know what to do about it. He refuses to eat anything else and knows what he wants more than anything else. Always oatmeal for breakfast and loves some heck out of bacon and occasionally snagging a few bits of a muffin on the weekends when I  cook them.

We are getting ready to turn the cable off so if anyone comes across any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Backyardigans, Chuggington, Fresh Beat Band, Veggie Tales, or any other kids movies, etc- dvd’s please grab them. I’ll gladly pay you back.

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