What’s Levi doing at 20 months-March 26, 2012

Words we have learned this month include: frog, balloon, bubble, hat, hot, duck, cold, car, squirrel. We learned “up” a month or so ago but I noticed recently that now he uses this action verb as it is suppose to be. For instance, when he wants up he raises his hands and says “up” or when I go to pick him up he says “up” on the way up. He has also said hot when it’s hot and cold when it’s cold. He has been saying “who’s that” when someone walks through the door at the baby sitter and recently she told me he said “buenos dias” (good morning) and “auga” (water) which is amazing to me. I’m certain he will be fluent in Spanish before elementary school. He even said “beautiful” in Spanish one day. He continues to repeat words all the time after you say them and they are usually pretty clear and understandable. But I only count the words that he actually uses all the time in the correct way. For instance one night here recently he said “poo poo” and pulled at his diaper. Sure enough he was stinky. So hopefully this will continue. I was shocked wondering how in the world he learned that. Just amazing!

He finally has learned how to climb upon the couch. Seemed like this just happened over night. Meaning one morning I was standing in the living room preparing for work and watched him climb right on up. That evening he did it numerous of times with not even a flinch or a grunt. He also now leaps up onto our chaise lounge which use to be the only piece of furniture he could climb on. Now he is running and leaping upon it. Oh, how my little boy is growing up so fast. I’m pretty sure that taking trips to Kids ‘N Play has helped master these recent climbing adventures.

I’ve also noticed recently that his “motor learning” skills are beginning to come out more and more. He loves to take trucks, airplanes, tractors and trains and move them along a table or the floor. This is never silent because he now knows how to make the sounds that go along with them. Trains….when he sees a train he will motion his hand and arm up and down in the air and say “toot, toot.” It’s so cute!

He loves to stand at the front door or the front windows watching the squirrels outside and it wasn’t long before he learned that word. Kevin swears he said “I love you” to him one morning though he has only said it once and I’ve yet to hear it.

We have this new game where Levi will stand at a distance while I’m sitting in the floor. He will stand there staring at me a few moments waiting on me to fling open my arms. As soon as I hold my arms out really wide he comes running and leaps into my arms for a great big hug. We will do this over and over and over again. I love free hugs so I love this new game of his.

Levi has also graduated at the sitters from sleeping in the pack-n-play for nap to sleeping on a kindermat with a pillow and blanket. Surprisingly she said he will stay there until he falls asleep and will stay there when he wakes up until she tells him to get up or goes to help him up. Wonder how long that will last?

I have to say this has probably been the most interesting of all months with learning new things. There is something new and different every day. Something that makes him look like such a big boy every day. I absolutely love it! Makes it hard to put him to bed at night because I love watching him learn and grow.

Spending quality time together....

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