Levi at 18 months

New words we have learned this month include truck-thanks to our Aunt Bonnie, eat (thanks to me telling Maverick all the time to eat at night), stuck, stinky, drum and most recently cat and dog.

Our bottom molars are in which has caused lack of eating and lot of sleep for a few weeks plus this past week the two bottom eye teeth are coming in. Me and Levi both ended up with a 24 hour stomach bug then he came down with an ear infection. So finally after a week of that he is back to his normal eating everything all day long routine.

We had our 18 month check up on Friday. We hit 21.8 pounds though I think he weighs more than that. Hasnt really gained that muchquince his last visit.  I dont think they get an accurate measurement because he hates those tables and won’t sit still very long screaming and wiggling. Not sure what it is about whose tables and the changing tables in rest rooms but he does not like them.

Levi is showing signs of potty training. Recently he has started telling me when he poops which I can pretty much time in the mornings and evening now. And he has began telling me by pointing down that he just pee peed. So I’m slightly excited about this but a little nervous too. Feelings and emotions much like I had when we were trying to wean the bottle.

He loves to walk out to the car by himself now and even tried his darnedest to climb up. Most days he shows us that he is very obedient and understands even the hardest ( at least what we would think for his age to be hard) commands. Just like tonight during our small group he came into the living room to play, Kevin told him to take his toy and go play in his room with the others. He sat there for a minute, got up, took the toy and went to his room with the others. Awesome! Never expected him to do that especially with not a whimper.

My boy is growing up and every day is better and brighter than the day before. I find myself some days dreading going to work because I don’t want to miss that new little something he has up his sleeve for that day. I hate missing every little imitation that he does with everything he sees. I hate missing each swing of his arms with the new dances he learns. I’m sure there is so much more he has learned this month that I’m forgetting because every day there seems to be something new.Every day I find a new reason I love being a mom. Maybe this year for Mother’s day I’ll list all the reason up till now why I love being a mom. That might be a hard list because there is no reason why I don’t love being a mom.

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