I’m a Job Coach

Friday, I went to work at my new job. Well you could say work. It was more like orientation. We spent five hours at a table going through basically what the job entailed as well as went over disabilities we may be working with and how to work with people with disabilities. They call the job I’ll be doing a job coach. What do coaches do. They sit on the sideline and support those in the game.

I’ve always wanted a job where I was doing work that matters. That’s why I tried to work for Dave Ramsey. That’s why I want to work for the church. I’ve also always wanted a job wearing a somewhat business style outfit. I finally think I got that job. No more messing with chemicals. No more crawling under houses. No more killing bugs (unless they’re in my own home).

The catch (and there always is one ain’t there)? I don’t work for the government. I don’t work for the Tn. Rehab Center, sorta. I work for myself. That’s right. I am contracted by the TRC to coach. That means, I am an independent business owner. I have to make sure my taxes are paid. I count off everything. I have to record my mileage. I have to manage my time because I am my own boss. These are all things that in small ways I have done in the past but not really sure how to make that happen on this scale.

So if you ask me who I work for, I get to say myself. Ain’t that cool? Thanks for all your prayers, kind comments on FB, and support. I could still use your prayers because even though everything I’m doing I have done in small portions before, now I am doing it in a major way. I will need guidance. I will need help. Thankfully, I have surrounded myself with folks who can answer these questions for me.

Wanna know more about what I’ll be doing? I have supplied a brief description from a website for you.

What is a Job Coach?

A job coach is a person, usually supplied by an outside agency, who provides specialized on-site training to employees with disabilities. Typically, a job coach will help an employee learn to perform his/her job accurately, efficiently and safely. In many cases, the job coach may also help the employee acclimate to his/her work environment.

What do job coaches do?

Typical job coach duties include:

  • Assessing and assisting a person with a disability to develop a list of interests and potential skills.
  • Performing job analyses at work sites in order to match people with optimal positions.
  • Providing one-on-one training on a job site.
  • Providing job retention services to employers and people with disabilities.

The job coach’s degree of involvement with the employee should decrease over time – as the employee masters the requirements of the position, the job coach will then contact the employee and supervisor on an as-needed basis.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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2 Responses to I’m a Job Coach

  1. Kelly Green says:

    Awesome cuz, I am so happy for you that you have something you like to do as your job, God has truly blessed you and may He coninue to do for you and your family 🙂

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