A life devoted


Everyone has heard of the story about the dash between these two years what means the most in a persons life. Sure the first year is the year two loving devoted people brought a beautiful little baby girl in to this world. And the second year is the year the Lord took His beautiful daughter home to spend with Him in eternity. The dash in the center is what we reflect on. 3 wonderful children, 6 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, my Grannie’s life was full of many blessings and lots of love.
Me and my brother had the privilege that not many grandchildren have and that was to have grown up right next door to my Grannie. I remember many late evenings walking down the road or in the hay field to her house smelling the honeysuckle in bloom as I walked to arrive on the patio to sit and watch the lightening bugs burst out into the summer night air. Halloweens Grannie would always make the best caramel covered apples anyone could ever taste. I remember every winter they would pack up to head to Florida. After telling them bye I would always cry myself to sleep hoping to see them again. She was a quiet lovely lady. Speaking her mind when needed. Correcting at every opportunity that presented itself. Commited to others’ lives, especially seeing that my Papa was always taken care of, well that everyone around her was taken care of. I remember I would spend weekends with them, working in the gardens, helping Papa pick up golf balls on the golf course that was next door, only to settle down at night in my Grannie’s bed to stay awake to the sound of her snoring. You laugh and I laugh now but it was horrendous at the time for a small child. I remember one time we were getting in the truck to go somewhere, as I jumped in on the drivers side she accidentally hit my hand with her lite cigarette. Yes it hurt but I played it off strong and painless. As I got older, married and had my son, every time she saw me she’s asked me if I’d cut my hair. She loved my long hair and hated me cutting it even if it was a trim.  She also loved her garden and loved to make fruit cake every Christmas that I think all of us did not like too much. She made the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the summer time, oh and the best lemonade too. She hated you putting Lou at the end of Jimmie and heaven forbid you call her Grannie Grunt. Not sure how she ended up with that name but all of us grandkids call her that.

So many memories stored away. So many I don’t remember until 6 cousins get together to reminiscence of the old days and things start coming to memory. If I took anything from that dash of hers between those two years it was to be dedicated to those you love, always telling them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. This weekend was full of pain, sorrow and grief but time and love heals, though there will always be a part of my heart for my Grannie. Even down to that last day I saw her where she held my hand and said “don’t leave”.

Now Grannie is walking the white sandy beaches of not Florida but Heaven and my hope I have to walk those beaches with her one day.

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