Levi at 17 months

Wow! This month has gone by so fast. Seems like yesterday that I was writing about 16 month milestones.
Not too much new this month. A few new words-“cheese” which he learned while I was taking his Christmas pictures. He likes to say, “hey” and “bye”. We are beginning to see an imagination like I’ve never seen before. He loves to fly airplanes and helicopters and will even fly his cars sometimes with noise to go with it in the air. He loves to make his trucks vroom vroom too. If you are on facebook you have seen his “Ready, Set, Go” game that he loves to play and he loves to play Hide and Seek around corners and chairs. He was given a Weeble Wobble toy for Christmas and he absolutely loves taking the dust pan and hitting the Weeble Wobbles with it as well as taking his hammer and hitting his little wooden blocks making them bounce across the floor (thanks to Grandma Sarita teaching him that with special effect sounds). Music is his passion I believe and the boy has rhythm. He is pretty good about picking up on things the first time or two that he sees it. This I think is great but we are really having to watch what we do around him and even teach him. Sometimes these things can be dangerous because you never know what he is going to try with the little mind of his. Ha! We have 2 molars coming in on the bottom now. Here we go again! Well, until next month…we’ll see ya! I’ll do 17 month pictures in a few weeks.


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