Keeping Your Kid Quiet in Church

I follow an Amish blog. Yeah, they blog. Kidding. This blogger was Amish but after Rumspringa, they left the order. She writes on Amish lifestyle and things she misses and things she doesn’t miss about the Amish lifestyle. Today’s blog post was about keeping children still in church. I remember when I was a kid around 5 years old and Daddy used to let us go to the front pew and sleep. Besides that, I don’t remember much. So I’m not sure how my parents kept me still during church.

Carrie and I are finding out hard it is to keep a (almost) 2-year-old still during church. One thing is for sure is no matter the denomination, no matter the service style, no matter anything about church, it’s hard to keep a kid still. We’ve used goldfish, small silent toys, and walking in the back of the sanctuary, but sometimes Levi just can’t be still.

The blog post I read today will blow you away with one of their ideas to keep a kid still. It will shock you. But then again, most things Amish do shock people, so why should and idea to keep a kid still in church be any different. Here’s an excerpt:

A favorite that would probably have most baby “experts” gasping in horror was a cheerfully
painted salt shaker with a dozen or so toothpicks.
The mother would remove the toothpicks
and then help her baby place them back inside through one of the holes on top
until the baby had mastered the concept and tried to do it on its own.
There were other similar toys that kept them occupied quietly
for quite a length of time and I never saw or heard of any babies
that were hurt in any way playing with that type of thing under the
watchful eye of their mother. Snacks were an important part as well.
a joyful chaos

I know what you’re thinking. I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t give my child a salt shaker with toothpicks. The toothpicks would be all over the place, even in someone’s eyeball. But I trust in the Amish to know how to properly handle keeping their kids safe. So here’s your chance to speak up.

What’s the best way YOU have found to keep your child quiet during church or any other public arena. What’s your tricks and tips.

– Kevin


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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