Levi 16 month photos

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Finally got around to do Levi’s 16 month pictures. Figured while I had everything set up from a previous shoot that morning I’d dress him up and take his. And he loved it as usual. He loves the  camera and has mastered the word “cheese.” He is so funny when he says it too. He loves this hat, thank you Tiffany and Chris. It’s a keeper for other little boys I’ll be taking photos of later down the road. I’ll be posting our family pictures we had taken soon. Just a few snap shots with our decorations at church. Nothing big. But I’m sure you will enjoy them non-the-less.

Like I said, I’ve been busy with a lot of other photo shoots. Business is picking up and now I am reaching out to the local pregnancy center and taking photos for those girls there. It’s a blessing, joy and honor to take their photos, capturing their memories that will hopefully last a life time whether it be from maternity to new born pictures. I’m enjoying it! And I’ve turned it into a complete ministry with each lady. I absolutely love it! Hoping business will pick up more after the first of the year. Only booking myself on Friday and Saturdays right now so it’s about 2 shoots a weekend sometimes 3 if I have to. Finally back into my passion and I love it!

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