Levi at 16 months-the most challenging so far

Yes, you just read “the most challenging so far.” And it’s all because of 4 teeth coming in all at one time and all on top. Levi has been such a fussy baby the last 3 weeks that our patience is stretched to the thinnest. But we keep on keeping on telling ourselves that it’s better to get them all out-of-the-way at one time. I think any way. Ha!

Levi has changed so much this last month and not just with new teeth. He loves to talk and dance now. Every time he hears a beat he has that head bobbing. It’s so cute!

He spilled some of his milk the other day in the floor and went into the kitchen to grab the towel, brought it back into the living room and cleaned up his mess. He was so proud of himself too. And he will pick up his toys too though that usually takes some encouragement but he will help. Just tonight he pointed to my eye and said “eye” and continued to do this five or six times. He also surprised us tonight by taking his spoon and feeding himself. I have never seen him do this before tonight. I was shocked. He loves to say “thank you” and I’m amazed at how clear it is and that he really knows when to use it. He can tell you what a cow and a pig say as well as make his trucks and tractors vroom, vroom. Just these few big things makes me want to sit and cry cause I see my boy growing up so fast.

He loves to play with tools. Kevin’s measuring tape and level with a laser light is his favorite. He will go around the house measuring walls like he has seen his Daddy do.

He loves to give kisses and hugs and blowing kisses seems to be his favorite thing to do. He has mastered walking now and put away that crawling phase. He is actually about running now. This makes life so much easier walking from the car to and fro.

Hopefully I can get some Christmas pictures taken soon. I’m so busy taking everyone else’s that I can’t seem to take ours. I’m going to attempt to put the Christmas tree up this week so we will see how long that lasts and if he is as obedient not touching the Christmas tree as he is with everything else. It might be too much of  a temptation for him.

Hope you have enjoyed watching him grow as much as we have. He is definitely our pride and joy and steals more and more of our heart every day.

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