Levi at 15 months

We seem like we have a totally different boy this month. He has begun to walk and is doing very good. He gets so excited as he makes it all the way across the living room and sometimes through the house down the hallway. This has happened so fast that it’s hard to remember the days he was scooting or even just sitting up.

Levi jabbers so much. Carrying on a conversation with almost anything or anyone. Sometimes in the mornings upon waking he is standing in his bed just jabbering. He has fallen in love with his little drum and sits in the floor banging and singing to that for quit awhile now. And if there is anything close by he knows makes a different sound he will add that to his instrumentation. He has also recently fallen in love with Kevin’s little ukulele. He loves that little guitar more than his own little electric toy one.
It’s amazing how fast he learns where things are suppose to go. For instance, Kevin took his socks off one night and Levi sat in the floor trying to put them back on his feet. Then I noticed he found his bib laying on the table before eating and he laid it on his chest ready to eat. But it doesn’t stop there. He found Kevin’s hat on the couch and crawled up on kevin to place it on his head. He is so smart! And picks up things so fast not to mention he is very obedient, yet very strong-willed at times. He is very obedient when it comes to be in others’ homes. I’m very thankful for this for it’s something I continue to pray for-obedience and respect of others.  I hope that continues.

He has 2 top teeth now that are so cute. They have a little gap in between-hopefully that will close up as the others come in. He is so cute when he is biting on things now like cheese puffs which he loves.

We had a scare this month when he almost came down with pneumonia. We caught it just in time before it was full blown. The doctor said the symptoms were there but he didn’t hear anything yet. It came on him so fast that I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out how because he wasn’t sick. Had a little bit of snotty nose the week before but that was it.

Sorry I didn’t get this out when he turned exactly 15 months. Been really busy around here lately. Just in the last week he has grown so much. Finally hit 20 pounds and is 30 inches long. Gonna be a tall boy. We have grown out of all of our 9-12 month clothing now and are in 12-18 months now. I hate to get rid of some of those cute summer clothes. But there will be more next year.

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