He Thinks We’re Just Riding

When I was a kid, dad used to get things done early on Saturday morning so he could ask me by mid morning if I wanted to go riding. Riding meant one thing for me; a coke and a candy bar.

I didn’t realize till later in life, just like the Trace Adkins song, I thought we were just wasting time riding back roads. What we were really doing was building a relationship between Father and son that is immeasurable.

I’ll never forget the stories of the Vietnam war and the stories of him growing up with four brothers and two sisters, how they’d fight others and each other, or how dad spent more time in the kitchen than the other boys that led to a lot ridicule. Thanks Dad. Your cooking rocks!

I can’t forget how we’d allow the back floor boards to pile up with sun drop bottles till we cleaned out the car. Each bottle had a memory attached. Or we’d throw a bottle in the river and see who could hit it the most times with a rock. In someways that must have been how he trained me to get better at picking off runners if they stole base on me.

I won’t forget the many times on one road that would have thousands of butterflies and every time we’d drive down the road with the windows down (because who had air conditioning in those days) butterflies would swamp the inside of our truck.

Time well wasted hearing dad tell stories, share his life and what he had learned and drinking a sun drop with peanuts poured in the bottle. That’s what I truly miss about spending Saturday mornings with Dad. Only to later that night after dinner go back out to the truck to listen to the Grand Ole Opry.

Those are times that can’t ever be replaced. And I can’t wait to share those moments with Levi. So when he gets older he can look back and say he thought we were just goin riding.



About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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