Levi at 14 months

This month has been filled with lots of fun-firsts.

Levi decided he is no longer a baby by telling me he does not want baby food any longer. Sort of makes my cooking habits harder because now everything I cook I have to keep him in mind of being able to eat it or not since he still only has 2 teeth. He also no longer needs a bottle. His pediatrician was right by telling me to give it one more month and hopefully he would have the sippy cup down. Well it was almost a complete month and we are drinking from all sorts of sippy cups and straws and no longer wants that night time bottle before bed. I ran out of formula finally and decided to just do regular milk. So for less than a week we had about 8 ounces every night of regular milk before bed. Then the last 4 nights we noticed he was only drinking about 2 ounces of that. So we tried just milk in a sippy about an hour before bed-he ended up drinking 2 cups and he went straight to bed without a peep. Yay! Guess I stressed out about that bottle for nothing because it was easier than I thought.

My boy is getting so big!

Last weekend he stayed with my parents because I had to go to Murfreesboro for the TCA conference for work. I was sort of dreading being away so long but looking forward to some quiet time with Kevin-if only we could have slept in at least one morning it would have been great. The weekend went faster than I thought it would and Levi was a complete angel for my parents. He is such a good kid. Only fusses if he is hungry or sleepy so that makes it easy. So I hope they had fun with him and I hope he didn’t wear them out too bad. Might have to drop him off again in a few months. Ha!

Levi is really trying to walk. He is still a little uncertain about letting go and taking that first step but he will let go to walk around things it just isn’t far. I have always said since he started crawling that he would be walking by Halloween and I still think he will be. He loves to play catch with his ball-rolling it back and forth with us or even rolling it then crawling to get it and throwing it back again. Or he will push his tractor or truck back and forth to you. He is beginning to give more kisses. Sometimes one after another. I love that snuggle time because it makes everything in life disappear except for that love.

Just recently we noticed his top 2 teeth are finally beginning to poke through. Today (9-25-11) has been day 2 of a very stressful day of screaming and not wanting to sit down but just be held. This go around of teething is really testing my patience more than last time.

We can add three more words to our list. This month we have hi, bye, and I believe I heard thank you this morning.

Enjoy the below pictures. We sure do. You can help but smile and laugh at that cute little face that is so full of joy every day. He really gets me through my day and lifts my spirits after a long hard day of work. Hope he does yours too.

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