Learning To Be a Father

We have a table beside the couch I keep a lot of my stuff on. Ever since Levi started learning to pull up on stuff, I have been sternly telling him not to be pulling up on this table. Now maybe you would say take my stuff off and then there would be no problem. I find two problems with that. One is he will never learn NOT to do things if we proofed the house so much that we never tell him no. The other is he needs to learn where his boundaries are.

So today for the second time he was pulling up on the table and when I started to get up he jumped down like kids do and knocked off the lamp and busted the second light bulb I put in it. The first time I didn’t discipline at all because I was unsure whether it would do any good. This time I smacked his little leg and sternly voiced my displeasure. Id didn’t yell though. I don’t have to. I can look at him and he starts crying.

I sat him over to the side as he cried and cleaned up the mess. He finally stopped crying and started playing with his toys. After I put the broken glass in the trash I looked at him and said a few more thing about how I’ve told him not to be pulling up on the table and he once again began crying. He’s so cute when he cries. It’s hard to discipline yet I know it’s needed.

After I finally cleaned all things up, I got down in the floor with him and picked him up. I said I loved him and only doing what’s best for him. He started to cry a little more before he just fell silent. I sat him back down. I sat back down myself and continued working on my blog when he came over and wanted to climb up on the couch. I put the laptop dow, sat him in my lap and we cuddled for two innings of baseball.

I don’t think he took it personally but I do find it very hard to discipline simply knowing I don’t like being disciplined. I’m definitely learning how to father, when to be tough and when to just let it go. I only hope when he gets older, I’ll do the same as my dad. I’ll talk to him, discipline him and hope that after it’s all said and done, we can be “friends” again. This is very tough but I’m starting to see what I’m sure my parents went through as well.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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2 Responses to Learning To Be a Father

  1. Learning to be a parent is tough business. We have kids and they don’t come with instruction manuals! You two are doing great though. You are correct in giving Levi discipline and following it up with love. This world can be a cruel and ugly place sometime, so by you two providing godly discipline and love you will prepare Levi for this world and it’s challenges. I’m super proud of the two of you and Miss you 3 terribly, Especially Levi!

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