Levi at 13 months

Yes, you just read 13 months. I can’t believe it either. He is growing so fast and I enjoy each and every second good and bad.

Levi now knows 6 words-Daddy, Momma, done, uh-oh, and the most recent, up and night-night. Today I saw him stack 3 blocks one on top of another. Tonight he waved at Kevin from his high chair twice as Kevin was waving at him. I’ve only see him wave one time awhile back before now. He is becoming a funny bug. He loves to make you laugh and when you get to laughing he does too. He is finally crawling on his knees. The frog hop I think has almost disappeared totally. Occasionally he will do it just for fun but now he loves being on his knees and has learned just how fast he can go.This week I’ve about come to the conclusion that he is about tired of baby food and has realized just how good real food is. I’ve noticed he isn’t eating as much until tonight when he tried a baked potato for the first time and he loved it. Then he had some chicken nuggets while sipping from his sippy cup finally. We have struggled over the sippy cup thing and fought over straws and cups. I finally just decided to about give up and stick with a straw because he was doing so good with it. His Pediatrician told me to try one more month of formula and bottle once a day to see if he would be accustomed to the sipppy cup by then. So we are going to try since that last bottle is the only liquids almost that he is getting during the day that I can monitor and know how much he is getting for sure. But after tonight I wonder if we will even make it a month.

He has started the game of hiding things. We have a bass speaker sitting on the floor that has  a hole in it and it continues to go straight back and down. He now knows he can throw his blocks in there. I think all of them are in there but maybe 5 or 6. This morning I was sitting on the couch and looked down underneath the rocking chair because I saw something yellow out of the corner of my eye. Crawled down there and he had stuck his yellow drum stick in the center hole of the base of the rocking chair. I laughed so hard.

A few weeks ago he enjoyed his first time in the tator patch digging tators. He didn’t know what to think when we first sat him in the dirt but he loved it in just a few seconds. Of course my dad had to laugh that I was taking pictures of him but they turned out great! This was also his first time riding the the tractor-Little John. He was scared of it starting and running at first but as soon as we sat him in Daddy’s lap to drive it didn’t take long for those little hands to be on the steering wheel helping.

We took him to Chucky Cheese for the first time a few weeks ago. He loves driving the cars as you can see in the pictures below. These pictures help me get through my day with a smile and a laugh quit often. You can’t help but laugh at that little face. He didn’t care much for Chucky though. Ha!

We had our yearly check up last week with those sorry old shots. He weighed 19 pounds and was 28 inches tall. I couldn’t believe he was only 19 pounds!

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