Living With Vertigo

Have you ever wanted to spend more time on a circling roller coaster? Do you love just spinning on a merry-go-round? Can you get enough of things that make you dizzy? This is what it feels like to me living with vertigo. I don’t get it all the time. Just occasionally. But when I do, it’s very inebriating. It doesn’t go away for days. It tends to come when I get sick but other times it just comes on its own accord.

I got this checked out when I was a teen but the doctor at the time said nothing could be done. No drugs can help. Nothing can fix it. So here I go living life through a dizzy race.  I’ve been forced to the bed and not able to move. Just lay there and close my eyes. That’s the worse of it though. Most times, I can go about life but without making drastic movements. That’s pretty hard to do when driving in a busy town.

Walking down steps can be dangerous. Driving can be dangerous. Leaning over can be dangerous. Quick movement can be dangerous.

For some unknown reason I got sick yesterday and vertigo slapped me in the face. The ever so feeling of dizziness crept in and now today I have the wonderful job of trying to drive and spray folks house for bugs with a slight dizziness. It makes customer service a challenge.

So I just wanted to write and let everyone know living with vertigo sucks. If you’d like to know how it feels, just play the dizzy bat race about ten times in a day. I’m really hoping Levi didn’t get it. from what I understand, Dad has it so it must be inherited.


About Kevin Riner

child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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