BBQ and Pies, Road Trips Are Nice

Six-thirty wake up call should be expected for a Saturday morning with a one year old. We were hoping that this Saturday morning would have found us sleeping in but to no avail. Feeding Levi took its normal course and I (Kevin) took to eggs and bacon for Carrie and I. We went to the Farmer’s Market last Saturday and bought us some farm eggs so we were excited to get to eat them.

After breakfast, we got ourselves ready to go back to the Farmer’s Market so Carrie could get some props for her photography sessions and I could get some honey to take for my allergies and cucumbers to make a valid attempt at making sweet pickles.

Wal-Mart was our next stop in our mini trip to pick up some new eye glasses for Carrie and a birthday present for a friend. We left Wal-Mart and headed towards Guthrie, Ky to check out a couple of Amish markets. The first one was a bakery called Schlabach’s Bakery. When we arrived we stepped over to the side yard to check out some rocking chairs. Carrie and I love sitting on the front porch rocking. We just can’t afford what folks want for their rockers. One day.

When we opened the door the aromas and smells attacked our noses.  Once we stepped inside my sweet tooth started crying to be satisfied. We walked past donuts, pies, cinnamon rolls, cakes, and breads of all types. Leroy Schlabach was behind the counter and smiled at Levi as everybody can’t help but do as we perused the carb filled goodies. I picked out a chess pie and Carrie picked out the cinnamon rolls and I grabbed a blueberry fried pie for the road.

Chess Pie and Cinnamon Rolls we bought

We paid for our sugary treats and jumped in the car to our next Amish destination. As we drove, I opened the blueberry pie and to my pleasing, took a bite of real blueberry stuffed in a blanket of bread. I gave Carrie a bite and we both amused the idea it’s the best blueberry pie we had ever tasted. I dipped Levi’s pacifier in it and even he agreed it was good.

As soon as we had finished the pie, we arrived at the next stop, an Amish general market called the Country Pantry. This is where I had planned to get my supplies to make my sweet pickles. I realized the pan I needed was gonna cost me around $50 so that kinda put a halt to my plans. we picked up some cappuccino mix and some sliced cheese and almost bought some milk in a real glass bottle. May still later plus a refund for bringing the bottle back. They have plenty of everything you need at that store to make anything you’d want. the Amish know how to eat now.

When we left the Pantry, Carrie had a hankering for some BBQ we had passed on the way, so we stopped in at Mike’s BBQ. Upon entering we were treated like family. They asked us how we were, and treated Levi like he was their own grandchild. They took him, walked around with him, tickled him, and played and laughed with him. I like to think I’m a BBQ enthusiast. I try a lot of BBQ and Mike’s was wonderful. I especially like their beans. Tasty and incomparable.

Nancy and Mike

From there we went home to rest and prepare for the birthday party to attend later. I love local road trips. I think we’ll be frequenting the Pantry and the Bakery a little more often. Can’t wait to try the breads and other stuff. Now to figure out what I’m gonna do about those sweet pickles.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged
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