So proud of my little guy!

Just in the last few days Levi has shown us how smart he is. Yesterday he was sitting in my lap on the couch and started fussing. I put him down in the floor and said, “where is Mr. Pacey? Go get Mr. Pacey.” Mr Pacey was laying in the floor just a few feet away. He went straight to it with no delay and put it right in his mouth. I’m so proud!

Tonight, we were in the floor playing with his shapes and buckets and he loves throwing his shapes into his bucket so they make a sound, well I think he just likes throwing them because they don’t always end up in the bucket. Tonight he had put all his shapes in the bucket and one was laying far away from us. I told him to go get it and put it in the bucket. No hesitation he crawled over, picked it up and brought it over to put in the bucket. Then he picked up the lid and put it on the bucket. Ready for bed?! Ha! He is so smart. I’m so proud!

We believe his first word is….wait a minute….wait for it….”Ah Oh!” Yes, not Daddy or Momma even though he says those now but not yet knowing that it is our names yet I think. But he says “Ah Oh” any time something falls. He knows when he is suppose to say it. And tonight I would place money on him saying “I love you” when I was putting him to bed. It was muffled by the pacey a bit but I’m certain he said it because he hugged me when he said it. I teared up a bit. Kevin said he thought he said it to him today getting in the car seat. Those should be the first words he says considering how often we tell him. Ha!I’m so proud!

He is so lovable, hug-able and affectionate now, I love it! I’m so proud of my little guy! It’s like he turned 1 he has totally changed. Growing so fast. We are down to one bottle a day now. Still not wanting to drink from the sippy cup but will drink from a regular cup. Guess he just wants to be a big boy! I’m okay with that.

He is getting so good at pulling up on things and standing. It won’t be long he will be walking. This weekend he figured out how to pull up on the coffee table and stand there watching tv.  I’m so proud! He is the light of my day every day and I can’t help but smile and laugh no matter what kind of day I have had. I absolutely love this kid!

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