A year already

One year ago today at 7:15 am my water broke as I was getting into the shower getting ready for work. We had been waiting anxiously for our little man to arrive and never expected him to be 2 weeks early. Guess I should have known after a weekend of baby showers back home and bowling with our church peeps.
Later at 10:15 pm after a long long day of waiting even more our little Levi decided to make his grand appearance in this world.
The past year has flown by and I can only imagine how much faster it’s going to get. It’s been awesome watching him grow and learn knew things. Each day brings something new.
Today I was able to leave work early to have some cupcakes with levi’s friends at daycare. My mom got to come to and hang out for the afternoon. We came home and played all afternoon. This is hopefully a tradition we can set every year where I can spend the day with him doing whatever he wants to do for the day cause it’s his day.
We put on his new shoes today. I think he started liking them after awhile. But they will help him learn to walk which is going to happen soon I think. We are down to 2 bottles a day and will be hopefully taking away the morning bottle this weekend. He is doing so well. Except for the sippy cup. He hates it. Would rather be a big boy and drink from a glass. I’m ok with that I just worry about him being hydrated enough especially after there are no more bottles. I’m still trying to figure out how to take away the bedtime bottle. I think I’m more attached to it than he is. Ha! Guess we will see in a few weeks. I’m not gonna rush it though. He also got his first haircut today. Just a trim by my mom but he looks so grown up now especially with his shoes on.
Below is Levi’s new hat. He loves it as much as we do. The next one my mom is trying to put his shoes on as he is throwing a fit. And then there is one from our family pictures we had taken last weekend. I’ll put more of those on here when I get them back.
Happy first birthday Levi! We love you!!




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