11-12 months

Yesterday we had the honor of celebrating Levi’s first birthday with family and friends. Not only were we celebrating Levi’s birthday but also my Grandmother’s, my Dad’s and my nephew’s. It’s a happy month for my family!

We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Thank you for all the gifts. Levi has played with just about everything in the past two days. Also a BIG thank you to my parents who came up on Friday to help me do odd and end things around the house and for helping clean up on Saturday after everyone left. I couldn’t have made it through it without you! A BIG thank you to my Daddy for fixing the toilet so everyone could go potty and for putting the baby safety latches on the kitchen cabinet and gluing down the tile in the kitchen. You are the best Daddy ever! A BIG thank you to my mom for fixing the cakes. They were great as always.

Levi hated his cake I think. Still refuses to eat it. Which I’m ok with that. Hopefully he will learn good eating habits and bypass the diabetic gene in our family. He was such a good boy all day. He really loves the spotlight. Wonder who he gets that from? Ha! He really loves the musical guitars he got. Go figure! And he loves the drum and drum sticks his Mimi got. He carries the drum stick and guitar all over the house. Probably won’t be long he will be sleeping with them. Ha!

We gave his first car seat and stroller to a friend at church. I felt like crying once it was gone and the new car seats were installed. The first milestone of being a big boy I guess-being turned around in the car seat to see the world from a whole new perspective. He loves it. He couldn’t keep his eyes still this morning on the way to and from church. Plus he laughed when I could grab his leg from where I sit.

We have now taken away the noon bottle and the 4 o’clock bottle. Two more to go! He loves trying everything we eat. Only if we could master the sippy cup. Still doesn’t like it. He loves drinking from a regular cup. Maybe we will just skip the sippy cup all together and jump straight to a real cup. He does like straws which is a plus when we travel.

He is doing so good standing and pulling up now. He will be walking in just a few months I think. For sure by Halloween and Thanksgiving. Boy are we gonna have our hands full come Christmas. He will be climbing up the tree for sure! Oh I can’t wait!

Well here are some pictures from 11 months and from his birthday party. We have family pictures next weekend. I can’t wait for that! So excited about the ideas I have! Enjoy!

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