11 months-Wow!

Well, I’m a little late on blogging about Levi turning 11 months but a week ago there really wasn’t anything new-until today. Wow! Is all I can say. In one morning he stood up by himself and then at breakfast fed himself pancakes and bacon without me making him try it.We tried real milk for the first time this weekend too and he loved it. Still don’t have an interest in a sippy cup so I have a feeling getting rid of bottles in a few months is going to take some time and lots of patience. He would rather drink out of a big glass or a water bottle.

It’s going by so fast. In two weeks we will be celebrating his first birthday. I’m so excited in getting everything together and baking the cakes yet a little anxious because of all the people that is going to be here to celebrate with us. If you are going to be celebrating with us and haven’t R.S.V.P’ed to the facebook invite yet please do so that way we know how many burgers to make. Or just give a call to let me know. And if you are coming bring a lawn chair, a 2 liter of choice, and if you want some sort of side item. Thanks! We can’t wait!

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