New things this week!

This week I saw Levi wave for the very first time. He waved backwards but he still waved when someone was waving to him. He started trying to pull up on things this weekend. For instance, when next to the couch he tries to pull up and if he is sitting at your feet while you are standing he tries to pull up that way. He can’t seem yet to figure out what to do with his legs. Last night he did get up on his knees while pulling up on a stool at a friends house until he lost his balance and his chin landed on top of the foot rail on the stool. He just sat there and looked up at me like what am I suppose to do now. But he did get up on his knees that time. We had our first slice of cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time this weekend.  Along with all of these first this week we had our first two ear infections. It’s been lovely this week and this weekend. We had everything you could possibly imagine that would make a child cranky. Ear infections, teething, eczema breakout, and shots updated. It’s been a long weekend to say the least.Plus I’ve been sick so nothing has been done around here. Guess it’s catch up time this week and its getting that time of year where we have something going on all the time. So that’s our newest things this week. We shall see what the next week brings.

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