At 10 months!

What we have learned in the last month:

A second tooth has emerged! He loves to play hide and seek. He will cover his face by himself with his hands and then “boo” there’s Levi. Or he will bend his head down so you can’t see his face then lift up suddenly when you say “where’s Levi.” I’m sure you all have seen the army crawl video, well that was just a little bit. Since then his army crawl is getting him all over the house. Really having to keep our eyes on him…and yes, I know just wait.

I know it gets even better and I can’t wait! This means more exercise for me! His love for different kinds of toys seems to be changing. He loves toys that make noise and has wheels and is beginning to learn how to put shapes inside the toys. Which is great because maybe these toys will keep him occupied and not into everything around the house. Only problem is he only has a few of these toys. Hint, hint. He is beginning to grow out of all his clothes now. Time to go shopping. Yay! And I think it’s about time to lower the mattress in his bed. He knows how to lean up enough to see over the bumper or pull it down so he can look over it. It’s so cute.

We have our first ear infection this week. He has had allergies for quiet some time now and it finally got the best of him I guess. He had been cranky the past few days and I thought it was just teething because he gets snotty and crabby before a tooth comes in. But this morning when I went to get him out of bed he was burning up. So Kevin went on to church and I monitored his fever the next few hours.

When it hit 104 I decided it was time to go to the urgent care clinic. I hate this because he had an appointment with his new pediatrician on Friday and they rescheduled due to his provider having an emergency. If we had only gone maybe she could have caught it early. But regardless the past is the past and he has an ear infection in both ears and goupy eyes. So there goes my holiday weekend. We can tell he doesn’t feel good because he just sits here and cuddles or sleeps. It’s so funny how one day he can be into everything and the next totally the opposite.

This is the sickest he has ever been and it just breaks our hearts. He gives us those pouty little looks and just lays his head on your chest. Poor little guy. So there’s to the beginning of our 10 months. Guess we will start planning a birthday party and hope most of you can make it.

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