St. Louis 2011

This was Levi's first game last year. 🙂

Well, I’m surprised Kevin hasn’t blogged about our trip to St. Louis yet. And I know I won’t do it justice as he would, so he can chime in if he wants to later. 🙂

We had so much fun this year and are already planning next year. I wonder if we will ever run out of things to do one of these days.

We left on Friday and arrived at the Hilton later than I wanted to but that’s ok. We got such a good deal on our room and I was amazed at how they served us. We pulled up to the door and the attendant out front walked Kevin in so he could check us in and came back out with the buggy to carry everything up to our room.

Our room at The Hilton

While Kevin parked the car the attendant walked me and Levi up to our room. I’ve never had this convenience before. In order for the elevator to work you had to slide your room card in and push your floor number. Wow! We got to our room and the attendant said he would take care of getting us a crib for Levi-which Levi hated and only sleep in one night I think. We got everything unpack and Levi settled late.

On Saturday we got up early to head downstairs to eat what seemed like a very expensive breakfast. I want to stay in this Hilton now every time we go to St. Louis because of the way we were treated but we will not eat there that’s for sure. After eating we headed out to the city to walk around.

We walked down to the arch which never gets old. Walked down to see the stadium and do a little shopping in the gift shop there.

He loves this ball.

So much we wanted to buy! More for Levi than for us I think. After spending a little money we headed back to the hotel to feed Levi and hopefully put him down for a nap before the game. Nope! Nap wasn’t happening. So we decided to head down to the stadium to eat lunch. Excellent BBQ nachos for lunch! Yummy! While eating Levi decided he was tired and feel asleep in Kevin’s arms. He slept till about the 2nd inning I think. Not the best game we have ever watch in St. Louis especially since we lost but it was still fun. Levi seemed to have enjoyed it and I got this great pic of him while he was watched the game.

After the game we went to enjoy a pizza everyone raved about at Imo’s. It was good but not the best because I was told we got the wrong pizza. LOL. Next time we will stick with our usual pepperoni and sausage. We then decided to walk our pizza off and get some pics of Levi in the park. They didn’t turn out all that great so I haven’t even edited them yet because he was so tired he would not even look at me. Off to the hotel we went after that to get some rest for Sunday.

Happy Mother’s day to me! Sunday I woke up wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. So Kevin found the nearest IHOP so off we went knowing it was gonna be packed out. Which it wasn’t really all that bad. Got me some great pancakes.

After eating this great breakfast we were off to the zoo for the day. Now every time we go to St. Louis we go to the zoo. This time it was all about Levi, except Levi wasn’t all that interested. We always enjoy the St. Louis zoo, mostly because it’s free and secondly it never gets old and there is so much to do and see there.

Kevin’s favorite part of the zoo was the insects. They had a room with all sorts of insects. From spiders to ants to butterflies. The butterflies were my favorite but the ants and roaches I think was Kevin’s favorite.

We were pretty beat after the zoo all day so we headed back to relax at the hotel and decide what was for supper. We decided to go to Caleco’s for supper where we had the best cheese cake I think I’ve ever eaten.

Then Kevin took me on a carriage ride around the city. I thought this was ironic because our first date he took me on a carriage ride around Nashville now this time was a carriage ride around St.Louis for the first time with our son. Pretty neat.

Monday we got up to take a tour of the stadium. It was so cool to stand in the dugout where the Cardinals players from Holiday to Malina chew their sunflower seeds and spit them out, which were still laying on the floor. We didn’t get to walk on the grass but we got to walk around it and Levi got to put his feet in the sand of the track around the field. It was really neat going “behind the scenes” of where everything happens before, during and after a game. Finding out all the inside stuff and history of certain things. Kevin could tell you more about this more so than I.

Kevin wanted to go to The Loop to get some bubble tea. Don’t ask just google it if you don’t know what it is. So off to The Loop we go for lunch and bubble tea. After that we hit the road for home. It was such a nice weekend. The Lord answered our prayers and held the rain for us. It was nice and sunny and warm most of the weekend. Lots of food and baseball. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, much less a Mother’s Day weekend at that.

Here’s a few more pictures of the weekend.

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