Is it wrong to be proud?

This is the picture above my desk at my office now. It’s my official state license for CTA and CXT. You ask yourself what those letters mean. Well, CTA is Chiropractic Therapy Assistant and CXT is Certified X-ray Technician. I am so proud of myself! Is this wrong? I think not. I worked hard for these license and am so blessed and more than grateful that I was given the opportunity to even pursue both at the same time. Yes I said at the same time because it was only a few months apart that I worked on studying for them both if you remember by reading this blog the past 2 years. I’m so grateful that my boss saw the potential in me to give me the opportunity and I’m so grateful that the chiropractor I worked for back home taught me the things he did while there. I know it’s probably wrong but I look at these frames every day with pride. Pride in myself because there hasn’t been very much in my life that I have worked hard for and pursued with everything in me and finished with pride in seeing the outcome of my labor. I look at these frames with pride because with these I take care of my family. So I ask that you allow me a little time to boast in myself and be proud because I am and no one can take that away from me. Dang it, I’m proud of myself and I think I’ll go get me a great big ice cream sunday. ha!!!


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