9 months

What I have mastered in the last month:

I can hold my bottle the entire time now all by myself. I am even what my Daddy calls a professional, I can hold it with just one hand and turn my head at the same time.

I love to clap, clap, clap. Try clapping Patty Cake with me, sometimes I do it.

I’m a big boy now, I take a bath in the big bath tub with lots of water. I love to splash and get Momma all wet.

I can sit up all by myself and roll over to my tummy. Then I like to scoot around in circles on my belly to get to things. Sometimes I keep one leg underneath me and rock back and forth. I think I want to go somewhere but I just haven’t gotten it in gear yet.

I have a tooth that began poking it’s way through on April 16th. A second is not too far behind.

I’m beginning to eat table foods, which consist of mashed potatoes, hard boiled eggs and bananas right now. I LOVE  mashed potatoes! And I’m getting better with the sippy cup that has a straw.

I had my first fall off the bed with a boo boo on my lip…see…

I cried for about 15 minutes in Momma’s arms. It doesn’t look so bad here and sounded worse than it actually was, but it sure did scare Daddy and Momma. I was a little bruised around the face. Not really sure what I hit on the way down.

I love to bang on things and sing. Pretty sure all my birthday toys are going to consist of musical instruments and toys that make a lot of sounds so I can drive Momma and Daddy crazy. I really like stuffed animals that talk and sing. And I love blocks and balls too. I’m slowly growing out of my clothes. Momma is trying to find me a walker so I can start “walking” around the house to strengthen my legs. I try to stand a little bit  but not much. I love reaching for everything especially Momma’s plate at supper.

Momma let someone else take my 9 month photos this time. Thank you Alycia Reche. Hope we will have some of those pictures up soon. We can’t wait to see them.

I stayed home with Daddy today since the power was out at Mrs. Sara’s and I couldn’t go to her house plus Daddy’s work had no electricity either. We had fun hanging out.

Well, let’s go grow and learn some more things-till next month.


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