Balancing Act

Lately I’ve really been thinking about relationships and my life now after childbirth. Things have changed a lot to say the least. There’s a lot less time for things that I once enjoyed. There’s a lot less time for things to get done that need to get done. There’s a lot of time when I have to change plans because of a nap time or dinner time. But all in all it all works out and I’m by no means complaining. I love my life and I love how it has turned out so far. So far I wouldn’t change a thing or do anything over again.

When I titled this “Balancing Act” that’s exactly how I feel life is at the moment. No one ever tells you before you have a child that your life will now become one huge balancing act for everything under the sun. I’ve realized I have begun balancing everything and not just the checkbook-sometimes that goes unbalanced and that’s shocking for me just ask Kevin. I even find myself balancing family visits when I go home and I really really really hate that.

Before I went back to work in October I learned how to balance a babies needs-feeding, diapers, naps, play time, my showers, cooking, cleaning. That was what I thought was the hard part. Well, it was then because it all was new and it took me awhile to figure out how to balance that one part of my life. Then I went back to work and the balancing began all over again. Now I wasn’t just balancing babies needs but I was balancing work needs 4 days a week and then coming home to take care of baby needs and household needs. Sometimes the days seem to never end.

Now that I think, and I say I think, I have mastered juggling baby needs, home needs and work needs it’s time to juggle my needs-relationships and things I want to do. Things I’m passionate about, granted there’s not much I’m passionate about besides my family, but I want to do more photography, I want to redecorate my house, work in my flowers,  create mirrors from old windows, and spend extra time with old friends.  I haven’t figured how to do this balancing act yet. It’s probably gonna take me a little bit longer so those of you who I have seemed to have brushed off lately-please forgive me and be patient. Thank you to my wonderful husband who has been supportive and a helping hand more than I have ever told him that he is. No one ever told me about this balancing act I was going to have to learn how to do. I never imagined how overwhelming juggling life would be. I’m usually pretty good at multi-tasking but lately, well the last year any way, I have been horrible. It’s easy to get focused on someone else’s needs who is so little and who needs you so much. You tend to take your focus off of everything, including yourself. And I think that’s ok for awhile until the juggling gets mastered, but it’s not healthy after awhile.

For all of those moms-to-be out there and there  are a lot of you I know right now, and those of you new moms who are still learning how to balance baby needs I encourage you, it gets better. I’m not going to say it gets easier, but it gets easier to balance. You find a way to make it all work. At least work in your eyes. I’m sure there are still times when I know I’m making it work for my family but from everyone else’s perspective it may not look like it’s working for them.  Even the Proverbs 31 woman had many things going on and she balanced everything nicely. So nice her children called her blessed, her husband praised her. So, enjoy my balancing act called life if you are from the outside looking in. My hands are full most of the time so if you see something up in the air why don’t you try to catch something for me. 🙂

“Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates of the city!” Proverbs 31:31


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