I’m 8 months old

The last 8 months have gone by  so fast. The last 2 months our little Levi has grown so much and learned so many new things.

Just recently he has started putting his arms out when he is being unbuckled, and sometimes buckled, into his car seat. My favorite part is when Kevin is holding him and I walk over, he lifts his arms as if telling me “take me Momma.” It’s so amazing how just little actions like that I know what he is saying without one spoken word.  He loves to eat! I’m going to try to begin this month on some table food. Baby food and formula seems to be getting more expensive every week, like everything else I guess.

Tonight (Monday March 21) was our first night taking a bath in the bathtub without his baby tub. He sat there and splish splashed for about 30 minutes. He loves it! I just have to get some of those sticky things to put on the bottom of the tub to keep him from slipping around. Tonight (Monday March 21) was also our first night to actually lay him down in bed when he was still almost wide awake. I could hear him squirming about 5 minutes and then he was out. I went in there to check on him and he was turned side ways in bed with his butt in the air (he gets that from me) and one arm slung out to the side. So cute! He can now sit up all my himself really well only falling over when he is really tired. No more need for the bumbo I guess. So Chris and Tiffany it’s yours! 🙂

He has learned how to pull all his toys out of his basket in the floor, turn the basket upside down and bang on it. My future drummer boy I believe.  I recently learned 2 weeks ago that we are never again buying the regular formula. I knew he has have the low lactose, but when I went to wal-mart they were out so I had to get the regular thinking it would be okay for just one week. Well, that was the week that he didn’t sleep at all all week long and neither did we. I finally realized this a week later when I bought the low lactose and just a day later after opening it he was sleeping through the night-10 hours most nights. And has slept through the night ever since even with a runny nose and coughing spells due to allergies. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure it out. Now it makes me wonder if those few months after stopping breastfeeding if that wasn’t why he wasn’t sleeping then.

We have learned more sounds recently too. Kevin says he knows pitch already and has a good tempo going most times. That’s my boy. In just 4 months he will be 1 year old and that’s so hard to believe. We have decided to take a short weekend vacation to St. Louis in May. We were wanting to make it an annual trip for Levi’s birthday but with a co-worker’s baby due in August I didn’t want to wait too long just in case she delivers early. So St. Louis he we come in May-Mother’s day weekend actually. Happy Mother’s day to me! And good luck to our first family adventure that far away from home with a baby. Should be interesting!

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